Nedan har du svar på dem vanligaste frågorna som vi får. Om inte något av dessa svar passar in på det problem du upplever så är du alltid välkommen in till vår chatt support.

Många gånger så är det din bredbands leverantör som kan ha driftstörningar och det är inget som vi kan göra något åt. OBS att även om du kan surfa på nätet osv så betyder det inte att live tv ska fungera. nedan kan du se om din leverantör har driftstörningar

My Channels lags and freezes occasionally:

This is because your network breaks between our servers and your device, which means that frames do not really hang with. To fix this, you need to optimize the settings in your router. Some broadband providers may have greater problems with these and cannot always be fixed

Some can experience lag, freezes and other things when they use IPTV, regardless of the supplier. Or that it does not work and stands and buffers / connects. This is usually due to a misplaced router, a router that cannot properly distribute the packets and fragmentation of the packets. This also applies to you who cannot connect to the channel and it just stands and spins or connects.

To get the best experience possible, you need to do the following:

There are no instructions, as there are hundreds of different routers on the market and everyone has different. But the settings and the concept are the same for all brands, it is just to find the setting in the router.

The following instructions apply
- Turn off NAT in the router (Do this last, only if nothing else works)
- Turn off firewall in the router
- Turn off Multicast in the router
- Optimize the MTU size in the router (Optional, not very important)
- Sometimes switching off QoS in the router can also help. Unless QoS shutdown helped, do the exact opposite, turn it on and place the highest bandwidth priority on Video / Audio and not on browsing and file downloading.

Do not drive bridges then you will never get IPTV to work, you have to bypass the bridge.

If this does not work, try running the Ethernet cable directly to the broadband jack to make sure that it is not the router that is causing trouble.

Does none of the above solutions work? Then you should try to visit and choose a Server in Holland (NOTE! Must be Holland) to test your broadband connection. Many broadband network providers promises high speed but they do not mention that this applies only internally within your country.

When I press a channel it only loads

If you are using a VPN, you should turn it off. Otherwise, you must optimize your router so that traffic forward / backward is passed without obstacles. To fix this, you need to optimize the settings in your router.


If none of this works, our firewall may be closed by you. Then contact us for further instructions

When I press the button / function for subtitles it does not work, what should I do?

Subtitles only work on Formulas, Kodi, MAG254 and TVIP boxes. These do NOT work as they should on MAG256. Other platforms like smart iptv app, smart stb, apps for apple tv do not support text. If you want to get the most out of iPTV, it is a real iptv box that applies.

The TV tab does not appear on the home page in Kodi

I have done exactly what the instructions say, but still the TV tab does not appear on the home page? "Tags ="]

You have most likely missed something in the instructions, but if it doesn't show up, it usually depends on an error in the PVR IPTV SIMPLE CLIENT. A reinstallation of Kodi usually resolves the problem. However, it must be a complete uninstall of Kodi, more information on this can be found here

My EPG is before / after 1 hour in Kodi

Go to My Addons in System Settings and look for PVR IPTV SIMPLE CLIENT, go to Configure, and in the EPG tab, you change the setting EPG TIME SHIFT with +1 or -1 hours depending on your problem. Then, check the APPLY TIME SHIFT TO ALL CHANNELS, save and restart Kodi.

Smart iPTV app: "Your 7-day trial period has ended / expired"

This is not a problem really, and has nothing to do with us. SmartIPTV is an App that is developed, sold and updated by SIPTV.EU. The program is free to use for 7 days with must then be purchased for a one-time fee of 5.49 €. You can either do it directly on the TV screen with a credit card or through their website 

Note that after the payment is made, your channel list must be re-entered. You do this by following the instructions for SmartTV.

Smart iPTV app: My channel list has disappeared

This can happen when the SmartIPTV app is under an update and then your list is cleared. You will then have to re-load your channel list at Smart IPTV- website.

Smart iPTV app: I add the list to but get Error 405 "

Do this from another computer or browser

Magbox: ”Loading portal failed” / ”Portal loading connection failed

This is because your box does not have an internet connection, although you may think it has. To fix this: Pull out the power from both router and box, wait 15 minutes. Connect the power to the router, wait 5 minutes. Connect the power of the MAG box. Now it should work. If it still doesn't work, check your network / internet connection. If it doesn't work after all, you might have been blocked by our firewall. Then you should get in touch with us so we can help you.

My Mag Box shuts down or cannot be started

Go to Settings -> Video and change the HDMI EVENT REACTION to Ignore / Disabled. Then go down, press OK, and restart your device.

Which broadband providers should avoid due to isp:

- Viasat (iptv will never work for you)
- Bredbandsbolaget Sweden (for some it does not work for some)
-It deepens in which country you live in. Some countries like UK can activate ISP. If that happens you should use VPN, like OVPN or Nord-VPN

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