Your safety is our top priority

Since 1996, we have kept our customers' security and privacy as the priority one and today we have over 100,000 customers. That means, with us the customer is the focus of everything from anonymity, safety, service and finally a stabli operating on channels. To make it even safer for you, we have implemented SSL Encryption on our website so that the traffic between you and our website cannot be traced in any way. You can validate our certificate to verify that encryption is safe and approved. SSL Connection you see by clicking on the link

Anonymous Payment

Simply select the payment option that suits you best. Pay by credit card or Bitcoin directly. After the order is placed, we send payment instructions to your mail. The bitcoin changer that receives the credit card payment thinks you want to exchange currency, and switch your payment to Bitcoins which he sends to our Bitcoin wallet and thereby your order is paid. The receiver believes that you have bought currency and that is the only thing that can be seen. Everything happens automatically with us and your order is processed within 2 hours. A more secure and anonymous payment system does not exist at present.

Bitcoin via credit card

When you pay your order to us, it may feel like you are making a normal payment but the fact is that you actually buy currency. Nothing more than this can be seen. The rule is that the bitcoin exchanger has nothing to do with what you're going to buy or what we sell. His task is simply to exchange your payment into Bitcoin. It cannot be simpler and safer.

Our servers

Our servers are based in China, Azerbadjan and reflected in Holland. The servers are diskless and work in so-called clouds. No authorities have the authority to approach our servers and we can promise you that your privacy is preserved to 100%. All traffic is encrypted and cannot be listened to. If you still want to add a layer of security then you can use OVPN but with dedicated ip.

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